Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Getting Started w/Google for Education

WEBSITE  Getting Started with Google for Education
AUDIENCE ↬ teachers
CONTENT ↬ any teacher who uses Google

GRADE LEVELS  all grades

I love Google! All things Google. And I especially love when Google shares something that is intended to make learning better. I recently signed up for, and received these weekly videos. It is such a good idea! 

Here's the gist:

  • sign up on the link above
  • check your email each Tuesday for 8 Tuesdays
  • invest 15-ish minutes to complete the lessons that are emailed each week
  • content covers various Google Apps (Sheets, Gmail, Slides, Drive, Docs, Classroom, Forms, & Drawings

It really IS that easy! 

*** Note: while this is definitely geared to beginners, the content is EXCELLENT! I enjoyed testing my knowledge. ***

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Kasey Bell's Dynamic Learning with Google

WEBSITE  It's NOT About Google (Part 1)
AUDIENCE ↬ teachers
CONTENT ↬ any/all

GRADE LEVELS  all grades

I listen to podcasts frequently. One of my favorites is the Google Teacher Tribe, hosted by Matt Miller & Kasey Bell. Each of them have their own individual podcasts - which are also great! I'm going to focus on something Kasey Shared out recently that I believe many teachers can truly benefit from. She shared out the first in a four part series on Dynamic Learning. I love how she stresses it is NOT about Google, but rather the LEARNING. She even states, "This blog post and podcast episode is NOT about Google or G Suite, but how to use these tools to support dynamic LEARNING in the classroom."

I encourage you to check it out! The blog post is great & gives you a link to the FREE download "Dynamic Learning with Google Toolkit" which is a great resource.

Do you prefer listening? You can also listen to this in a podcast format. It is episode 44 (released Jan 7, 2020) on her show "Shake Up Learning". [There is also a link to it on the blog.]

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Famous Person Infographic

WEBSITE  Famous Person Infographic w/Research outline
AUDIENCE ↬ students
CONTENT ↬ ELA & history

GRADE LEVELS  grades 4 & up

I love making "things". I love creating templates for teachers & their students. Last year, I created a simple Famous Person infographic. The same teacher I created it for came to me this year and said she wanted to do more.

The template I've shared here is the result. We wanted:

  • students to do more of the research independently
  • reinforce the students following directions
  • a relatively quick project
I hope you and your students enjoy this template. It can be used for specific topics or allow students to choose any famous person. The final Slide includes suggestions for students to go further.

If you like this template, I've shared it on my co-created site, Templates for Teachers. I'd be thrilled if you check it out!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Omnibox Searching? Yesssss!

AUDIENCE ↬ teachers & students
CONTENT Any & all

GRADE LEVELS  all grades, especially older students & teachers

I am super excited about this update 👏!

The omnibox in Chrome (or the address bar or the URL spot) has been a place you can type in searches for awhile ... if you are searching the internet for something. This on its own might be an update for some, if you weren't already aware ... try it out ... it's AWESOME!

But NOW ... not only will the omnibox search the internet, it will also search your DRIVE! 💥 Yes! Look at the picture ... I typed "google" in and 3 of the results are from it searching my Drive:

  • the red square is a Google Drawing
  • the green square is a Google Sheet
  • the yellow square is a Google Slide
WOW! How much better can it get? Try it out ... I think you'll agree. It's awesome!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tonya Coffey's Digital Breakouts

WEBSITE  CoffeyITRT Digital Breakouts
AUDIENCE ↬ teachers, students
CONTENT tech, holidays, PD, seasonal, & more

GRADE LEVELS  mostly grades 3 & up

I fell in love with digital breakouts a couple of years ago. I love the brain challenge it provides and I love the ability to infuse content. AND ... as a bonus, the ability to create it all with Google applications ... yay!

Now, before you go off and try creating your own, why not play a few that are already created? Tonya Coffey is an expert at creating them and she has built an entire website where she shares them out for the rest of us. Awesome!!!

These aren't all for students, either ... be sure to check out the "Educators" tab where she's created 4 specifically for educators.

Once you play one, you'll be hooked!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Chromebook App Hub

WEBSITE  Chromebook App Hub
AUDIENCE ↬ teachers
CONTENT ↬ any/all

GRADE LEVELS  all grades

This is a new-er resource Google has created & shared. If you use chromebooks in your classroom, this is definitely a website you will want to bookmark and come back to over and over.

The basic idea is Google has begun curating lessons and activities teachers have done using chromebooks.  You can go to the site and find ideas for your own classroom.

Check out the filtering capabilities:

I'd be shocked if you can't find at least one lesson that works for you & your classroom. And once you get going, you might even decide to submit a lesson or two for others ... and how cool would that be?

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


WEBSITE  Slip-In-Slide by Jeran Ott
AUDIENCE ↬ teachers

GRADE LEVELS  all grades

I was floored when I heard about this add-on. 

It. Is. Amazing!

First of all, an add-on is something within a Google app (like Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms) that gives you the ability to do something "more". The best way to explain this add-on is to give you a use case.

As a teacher, you create a Slide deck of activities. Maybe it's a journal you want students to write in each day. Maybe it's math problems you use as a bell-ringer. Maybe it's historical dates you want students to research. Each day you, ideally, want to add another slide. You've been doing "ok" by posting the new Slide & instructing your students to copy & paste it into their Slide deck, but you've been wishing you could just do this automatically. With "Slip-in-Slide" ... you can!!!!

The link above (& at the end of this sentence) is the creator, Jeran Ott's, page for the add-on: OTT-o-matic Slip-in-Slide.

You might also want to check out the GSuite Marketplace's info page.
Also, here is a great blog about it by Julie Smith - the Techie Teacher - "A Google Slides Add-on All Teachers Need".

Check this out today.