Thursday, December 13, 2018

Day 10: ColorPick Eyedropper extension

ColorPick Eyedropper extension [LINK]

Have you ever been working on a project and wanted to match a particular color and couldn't? I can solve that problem and you will NEVER be without the perfect color!

Add the ColorPick Eyedropper extension to your Chrome account and the perfect color is just 2 clicks away! 

To demonstrate, I made a screencast (another FANTASTIC Chrome extension) of how I used it this week to match my districts colors. 

It won't take much to convince you this is an absolute MUST have extension!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Day 9: Gamify your Google Classroom

Gamify Your Google Classroom [LINK]

I'll be honest. I've not personally used this - yet - but I'm itching to! I am excited to use what we already have (Google Classroom) in a new way that looks to make the learning not only fun, but more meaningful. 

Lucie Renard, the author, proudly points out BookWidgets are "officially listed" on the #withClassroom website on the "Use interactive learning material" tab. This Google site indicates which apps will integrate with Google Classroom. Let's be honest, if Google is including it on their site, you know it has to be decent.

Lucie shares TEN widgets you can integrate with your Classroom as well as suggestions for each ones potential use. Personally, I'd love to try out the Jigsaw puzzle (#3) and Spot the Difference (#7). 

How cool would that be for a student to log in and see something like this waiting for them ... and be reinforcing what we've been studying?! 

I see it with students I work with, but also in my own home, when even a little bit of fun is included, the learning is deeper and richer. As a teacher, I'm always on the look out for a tool that can help me with this.

BookWidgets looks like such a promising resource, I'm definitely going to dig in deep on this one!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Day 8: Applied Digital Skills

Applied Digital Skills [LINK]

If you've read even a few of my entries, you know that I love Google. I use it all day every day. I can't say enough how much I love it.  About 2 years ago, I learned about Google's Applied Digital Skills program. Another incredible program from Google!! 

Here's my summary - as a teacher, you are given a Google account, as are your students. Google Docs is fairly simple to get up and going with ... Slides, while more involved, still fairly simple. You get rolling with these two and you think you are flying high. Then you hear others talking about Google Calendar and then Google Sheets and don't forget about creating your own Site!?! The list goes on and on. How do you incorporate all of these? How do you teach your students when you don't know these apps yourself? 

Introducing ...... Applied Digital Skills!!! 

Pre-created project based curriculum from Google. Lesson plans and a platform to work with are part of the package. And to make it better, Google includes short instructional videos ... FOR THE STUDENTS ... to watch and learn. Seriously. (Can I tell you it is my dream to work for Google?!) 

The website is very teacher friendly. Click on the teacher tab and you are provided the steps to get started. The curriculum tab allows you to search their ever growing collection of projects by Audience (the "who" you'd do the project with); Apps (the Google application you want to dig in to or cover); and/or Topics (the skills you are wanting to cover). 

Please don't limit your thinking that you have to be tech teacher to utilize this curriculum. There is no limit on the content areas that can benefit. And even though Google deems their youngest audience to be late elementary, don't feel like younger elementary "can't". It will take a bit more work and some modification of expectations, but it CAN be done with younger students. 

Another winner from Google! Check it out today.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Day 7: Toby extension

the Toby extension for Chrome [LINK]

This one is for the Chrome lovers out there - who, like me - have numerous tabs open at all times. Most of these tabs will fit into categories. We have many demands on our time and having the ability to keep it organized can prove very powerful. 

I LOVE this tool!!! I honestly use it every single day. 

Here's why:
  • helps keep projects organized
  • add anything you'd normally bookmark to a collection & name the collection 
  • share collections with colleagues 
  • access my collections wherever I log into Toby
  • keep the needed info grouped together
  • open a collection of tabs  WITH ONE CLICK

As a classroom teacher I would have loved this, too! I'd have put my main 'teacher' links in one collection (email, gradebook, LMS, IPDP, etc) and then have a bunch of collections for each unit of study. Adding to collections is super easy - as is deleting - so each year I can have my favorite resources in one spot. 

Why Toby over bookmarks? Two reasons and I'm a girl who 💖💗💝 bookmarks!

  1. I can open all of the links in a collection with ONE click!!!! Plain and simple. A collection with 3 tabs? No problem. A collection with 10 tabs? STILL no problem! 
  2. Need to shut down but don't want to lose your current tabs? No problem! Create a collection for this & when you open Chrome again, you can simply click to open all of your tabs once again & pick up where you left off! AMAZING!!!!
Have I convinced you yet? Check it out ... don't wait. It will change your (digital) life. You won't need to keep 8,000 tabs open any more. You can "collect" them in groups and open the group as needed. Promise. 

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Day 6: [LINK]

Today's share is one I came across a couple of years ago that fascinated me & I shared it. Since I do not have my own classroom, I've not used in recently. However, I was in a classroom recently and noticed she had this site up. When I asked her about it, she told me she uses it often.

Initially, it simply looks like a site that has a beautiful photo on it with a handful of circles at the bottom. 

Take a closer look . . . each of the circles offers a tool and each tool has a use in your classroom. The simplicity & options it provides is overwhelming! AND you can use more than one tool at a time, too! Type a message using the text tool; use the timer to show remaining time for a task; use the work symbols to show how students should be working; and use the random name picker to show who should come to conference with you ... all at the same time!

The following is an overview of the tools provided. 

Tools Offered on 

  • language
    • chose the language of your choice (I counted 58 already included with the option to add another!)
  • background 
    • you can choose from one of the provided images & GIFs ... OR ... upload your own
  • random name & dice 
    • enter your own list of names and allow this tool to randomly select one
    • AND choose to roll one, two, or even three die!
  • sound level 
    • provide students with a visual representation & boundary on the noise level of the room
  • QR 
    • share ClassroomScreen with others by allowing them to scan this QR code
  • drawing (full-screen) 
    • this tool provides a full screen for you to free draw on
  • drawing (partial screen) 
    • this tool provides a small screen you can free draw on
  • text 
    • open this tool and type a message or notes or anything you'd like to share
  • work symbols 
    • this is awesome - 4 options to clearly indicate to your students how they are to be working at the moment
  • traffic light 
    • select the red, yellow, or green light to match your classroom behaviors or indicators - possibly even a time indication  
  • timer 
    • set a timer for you & your students to countdown; great for projects, great for special event days, great for those times where you need to worry about one "less" thing
  • clock 
    • easy way to display the time for you & your students

These three tools are found in the bottom right corner and pack a pretty powerful punch!
  • ExitPoll 
    • SERIOUSLY! Check this out ... if your board is interactive, pull this up in a second and allow students to provide immediate feedback with a "smiley-scale" & you can instantly see (or hide) the results!
  • hide the "dock" 
    • don't care for the dock showing & would rather it not? Easy! And bring it back the same way.
  • full-screen 
    • want your screen maximized? Use this tool to do so and enjoy! 

I'm sure there are things I've yet to discover. I hope you find this site useful!

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Day 5: Multiplication Games

Multiplication Games [LINK]

This resource is for math teachers - and any of you who have children of your own. It seems to be fairly common for 3rd grade to be THE grade for multiplication. My own daughter is in 3rd grade and working on mastering her multiplication facts. We all can agreed students learn very differently and what works for one student may not work for another. Rather than pull your hair out, why not provide multiple ways for your students to practice? 

I recently read this article from "We are Teachers" written by Elizabeth Mulvahill on Oct. 25, 2017. 22 Fun, Hands-on Ways to teach Multiplication is amazing! Elizabeth shares 19 non-tech ways for students to practice and an additional 3 that involve tech. One is a link to places to practice facts online, one is for School House Rock videos about multiplication, and finally, multiplication songs. 

I love that these suggestions involve either materials found in nearly every classroom or they are low-prep for teachers. I can see them being high-impact. I'd even suggest teachers share this article with parents - what a great way to empower parents to better assist their students while at the same time playing games with them?! 

Personally, I know several teachers I will be sure to share this article with. I also know a certainly cute 3rd grade girl who is related to who will be checking these out. 😉 If you know of teachers who could use these, please be sure to share. If you have kids of your own, please share with them!

Looking for MORE math fun? Check out these related posts:

  • Math Games ... for EVERYONE! [LINK]
    • I share several website where your students can create/practice games
  • MashUp Math [LINK]
    • 💖 this site! Sign up for his email & you receive a math activity just about every day! These are GREAT math "thinking" style activities.
  • "Escape the Dungeon" ... a math digital breakout [LINK]
    • An incredible way to mash content with fun while challenging and stretching every brain in the classroom. This one is math, but it really opened my eyes to the possibility for content digital breakouts!
  • Which One Doesn't Belong (WODB) [LINK]
    • Another fantastic math concept site - allows students to make decisions and provide explanations to back up their thinking.
  • ControlAltAchieve Math [LINK]
    • A collection of Eric Curts' Google infused math activities & ideas. 
  • Alice Keeler: Teacher Tech [LINK]
    • A collection of Alice Keeler's math activities for teachers and students. 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Day 4: 250 Virtual Field Trips

250 Virtual Field Trips [LINK]

Let's face it ... field trips are BEASTS! Finding one, writing and receiving the approval, planning, the arrangements, and so on ... it's exhausting! And then you have to tackle the costs - transportation, any type of entrance fee, food &/or lodging. Whew! It's no wonder it seems like field trips are few and far between.

We are incredibly lucky to be teaching right now. The access we have to amazing places thanks to technology is virtually unlimited! If you've not guessed it by now, today's share is a gold mine of virtual field trips.

You can thank Kara Wilkins (@kwilkinstchr) for making it SUPER easy for you to find one - or more - that work for you, your content, and your students! She complied a searchable database on her blog, "To Engage them All", in her entry called "250 Virtual Field Trips ... most of them are free!" Look up your subject area or the unit you'd like to incorporate a virtual field trip in. 

Better yet - give this to your students and have them research which one(s) they'd like to take and challenge them to explain why they selected it. How cool would that be? Your students can use their researching and evaluation skills and then "defend" their choice. If you do this, I'd love to hear from you!

A few additional thoughts:
  • You can do one or ten or all of these - the only limits are the ones you place on this
  • Not all virtual fields work out well - this is a great chance to discuss with your students and gain feedback for future trips
  • These are NOT the only ones out there ... if you are on social media, throw out requests ... talk to the parents of your own students. You never know when or who will be your next gold mine!

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