Monday, December 17, 2018

Day 12: Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab [LINK]

Have you looked for a way for students to create music but you don't have access to the "right" equipment? Chrome Music Lab is a great intro for this! I came across this last year thanks to one of the elementary music teachers I work with. He was excited and wanted to use it in his class. The students 💖 it! *Bonus - NO accounts needed!*

The website has such a "fun" look to it - you can't help but want to click around. (I've linked to an Eric Curts post with additional details about each piece of the site ... so be sure to check that out!) There are 13 different experiments to check out. What a fun way to incorporate music into any class, or allow students to express themselves with music! 

Don't limit this resource to music class, though. These Tweets are linked on the homepage but I wanted to make sure you don't miss how others use Chrome Music Lab in:

  • math class with fractions [LINK]
  • science class with sound waves & frequency [LINK]
  • art class with literature [LINK]
One thing I see that you might find "lacking" is there a way to save or share a creation. A quick & easy way to preserve and share a creation would be to screencast it. Some might lend themselves to a screenshot, too. 

Eric Curts blog with additional details: "Learning Music, Art, Science, Math and more with Chrome Music Lab"

Please click HERE for the collection of all 15 resources.


  1. Totally love your blog! Hope you don’t mind but I’ll be refering to it for the teachers PD at my school. Learning can be fun after all! Blessings. Maria

    1. I would be honored for you to share my blog! You can even recommend they sign up to get automatic notifications. Learning absolutely CAN be fun ... if we let it. :)