Wednesday, April 29, 2020

50 Easy Science Experiments

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GRADE LEVELS  all grades

This site is awesome! Science is everywhere and now that we have time on our hands, we can explore so much more. These experiments use simple material - most of which is found around the house.

We Are Teachers shares this awesome site perfect for families to pick and choose. And while learning, they can have some fun. Each experiment includes a link to more details and info.

Teachers - share this and encourage your students to try one of these out and then share about their experiments ... videos, writing, photos ... let them choose how they want to share.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Grading Forms in Google Classroom

WEBSITE  Grading Forms in Google Classroom
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CONTENT any/all


As much as I love Google Forms, their typical use in Google Classroom is simply to be an assessment (or survey) tool, rather than a means to allow the back & forth between teacher & student. 

Last year I had a teacher embark on the ability to use Forms TO assess, but also give his students feedback. NOT an easy task! It took a bit for us to work through, and I received his permission to use our experience to share with others. The result is this: "Grading Forms in Classroom". 

I've had numerous requests for help with this process recently, as teachers have been embarking on different ways to teach & provide feedback to their students. There are very specific settings that require this to work ... BUT IT DOES!

If you get stuck - or have questions - feel free to reach out! I'd be happy to help.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Digital Experience Calendar

WEBSITE  Digital Experience Calendar
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GRADE LEVELS  all grades

I came across this website this morning during my early morning quiet time. The Digital Experience Calendar is probably hands-down the easiest and simplest calendar of all the digital events going on right now. 

What kind of events you might ask?

* Cincinnati Zoo daily safari
* drawing with Mo Willems
* karate lessons
* Virtual Marine Biology Camp
* the Metropolitan Opera.

And those are only a TINY set of examples ... for today!

It is a simple Google Calendar laying out a curated collection of the digital events being offered - from anywhere in the world - AND, if you know of an event that isn't on here, you can add it. Of the numerous events I clicked on, all seemed to have a short description, including the link to event.

I love the simple design. Literally all that is on this site is a short paragraph and the calendar. And you know what? That is perfect. That is all that is needed.

Thank you, Jonathan Redeker (@JonRedeker)! This is brilliant.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

CET EdTech - Online Google Classes

WEBSITE  CET EdTech - Online Classes
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GRADE LEVELS  all grades

I am super excited to share this one! And on a Saturday ... it's perfect! Take a deep breath - we've made it to the weekend.

Are you a Google Classroom teacher? Have you been using Google Forms for assignments &/or assessments &/or surveys? I KNOW you use Google Drive ... with CET EdTech Online Classes, you can not only learn more about those 3 tools, but earn 6 contact hours while doing it!!!

Oh! Did I mention? It's all FREE!

Yep! Free. Oh! And it's all SELF-PACED. Learn more about the tools you ALREADY are using ... earn contact hours ... without paying a penny ... at your own pace! This is an opportunity you just can't pass up.

***Note: you might have to use a personal Google account to join their Google Classrooms if your district doesn't allow for outside Classrooms. It's not a deal-breaker, I just wanted you to have a heads up. If you have questions about this, you can contact them ( or feel free to reach out to me - I"ll help (***


Are you looking for other free/low-cost professional learning opportunities? I collect them in my "Free/Low-Cost Professional Learning Wakelet". Check it out ... there are plenty of little nuggets in there.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Lincoln Center at Home

WEBSITE  Lincoln Center at Home
AUDIENCE ↬ students & families
CONTENT musics & the arts

GRADE LEVELS  all grades

I came across this little gem today & couldn't wait to share! This site is from the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts in NYC. What a great find!

Are you & your kiddos interested in learning ballet? Listening to concerts? Sculpture class? And so much more! Check out their daily schedule and keep scrolling to find the "on demand" section.

Great addition to the routine of math and reading!

Friday, April 10, 2020

#PodPeeks: EduDuct Tape - episode #39

WEBSITE  Educational Duct Tape Podcast
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GRADE LEVELS  all grades

I have been a BIG podcast listener for the past few years. It's a fantastic way to learn while commuting or working out.

Today I want highlight a series of episodes Jake recently put out ... all focused on shared tips & ideas about remote learning. 

  • #EduDuctTape S02-E039a ↬ Live, Synchronous Video Options, Advice, Thoughts and FUN!
  • #EduDuctTape S02-E039b ↬ Formative Assessment in Home Learning Situations and lots of FUN!
  • #EduDuctTape S02-E039c ↬ Tracking Student Progress in #RemoteLearning
I really encourage you to take a listen. Once you start listening to these 3, I'm sure you'll find ALL of Jake's episodes are worth a listen. What a great mix of learning & fun!

***BONUS*** Jake also offers a certificate for possible PD credit for listening to most of his podcasts. Listen for the "super secret password"!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Books, Books, & more Books! (digitally)

 WEBSITE I've got several listed below ↴
AUDIENCE ↬ teachers, parents, & students
CONTENT ↬ reading

GRADE LEVELS  all grades

These are unprecedented times for sure! Are you looking for ways to get books to your students? There are several ways to do this. I've found several links to sites that make books available. Check them out & share the ones appropriate for you & your families.

  • Audible - providing FREE audio books for students while schools are closed; no account needed!

Be sure to check out social media for many authors reading their own books and sharing them out, too!

And don't forget to check out your local public library. Most have a large collection of ebooks and audio books that can be borrow digitally.