Tuesday, May 3, 2022

5 project ideas for the end of the school year

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GRADE LEVELS  grades 2 & up

John Sowash, of the Chromebook Classroom, shared these 5 project ideas recently and I think they are great! If you listen to his podcast episode about it, he shares several awesome tips and ways to utilize these projects in your classroom.

I'd also propose not isolating these to the end of the year ... book mark this and come back to it at various points of the year. The Mt Rushmore activity might be my favorite. It can work for any content and depending on your requirements, it can be a project used for students to demonstrate learning in a deep way.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

What Kids Are Reading - 2022

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GRADE LEVELS  all grades

Struggling to help your students find books they want to read? Here's a fun way to encourage reading. From one of our reading programs, this website, "What Kids Are Reading - 2022" allows you - or your students - to choose a state, their grade and see the top 12 most popular books with those kids. It doesn't even have to be YOUR state or your grade!

Now, I'm guessing you could have your students to look at various states and see the books being read, as a means to encourage them to read those books. But don't stop there ... what if you used this as a way to encourage some compare/contrast? How similar are the grade 3 kids in Ohio as Florida?

And when you scroll further down the page, you can do some even deeper filtering and investigating. I encourage you to explore this site with your students and see what connections they make.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022


WEBSITE  Infographics

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GRADE LEVELS  grades 3 & up

This website is a goldmine! If you have a slight interest in using infographics in your classroom, be sure to bookmark this site. Kathy Schrock has done an amazing job of collecting overviews, examples, resources on how to teach AND create, tutorials, and so much more! When she titles this her "Guide to Everything" ... wow!

Our students all need to know how to read and interpret data but it's also important for them to know how to display data in a way that is meaningful. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022


WEBSITE  DocsTeach

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CONTENT ↬ ELA & history

GRADE LEVELS  junior high & up

I was cleaning out an email inbox and I stumbled on this gem ... and the history teacher in me jumped for joy! I couldn't believe that I hadn't paid more attention to DocsTeach.org . Wow!

This website is from one of my favorite places in Washington, DC - the National Archives. Built to "Bring History to Life", "Engage Students", "Access Primary Sources", "Teach with Documents", & "Explore Popular Topics", you won't be at a loss for finding primary sources and creating activities you can use with your students. Be sure to check out their library of activities other educators have created and shared.

Bookmark this one and come back often!

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Library of Congress Image Collection

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GRADE LEVELS  all grades

Have you ever looked for good photos and struggled to find some? Then this is one to add to your bookmarks for sure! Richard Byrne - of Free Tech for Teachers - shared this out recently and I was very impressed!

I have been inside the Library of Congress and I had no idea they also had this digital collection! I spent some time looking at several of the collections - lighthouses, libraries, travel posters, and bridges. Wow! 

Friday, February 18, 2022

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Icons Mania

WEBSITE  Icons Mania

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GRADE LEVELS  all grades

I am a big fan of SlidesMania & have been for years! Paula is the creator of both and freely shares out these icon collections via both Google & Microsoft.

SlidesMania shares out numerous pre-built Google Slides for both teacher & student use. With IconsMania, Paula shares icons that allow any user - regardless of age - to take and use and or customize to their project. I love these! 

There are icons for everything from tools, to calendars, to history class, to food, sports, and so much more! This is a DEFINITE bookmark!