Sunday, December 9, 2018

Day 6: [LINK]

Today's share is one I came across a couple of years ago that fascinated me & I shared it. Since I do not have my own classroom, I've not used in recently. However, I was in a classroom recently and noticed she had this site up. When I asked her about it, she told me she uses it often.

Initially, it simply looks like a site that has a beautiful photo on it with a handful of circles at the bottom. 

Take a closer look . . . each of the circles offers a tool and each tool has a use in your classroom. The simplicity & options it provides is overwhelming! AND you can use more than one tool at a time, too! Type a message using the text tool; use the timer to show remaining time for a task; use the work symbols to show how students should be working; and use the random name picker to show who should come to conference with you ... all at the same time!

The following is an overview of the tools provided. 

Tools Offered on 

  • language
    • chose the language of your choice (I counted 58 already included with the option to add another!)
  • background 
    • you can choose from one of the provided images & GIFs ... OR ... upload your own
  • random name & dice 
    • enter your own list of names and allow this tool to randomly select one
    • AND choose to roll one, two, or even three die!
  • sound level 
    • provide students with a visual representation & boundary on the noise level of the room
  • QR 
    • share ClassroomScreen with others by allowing them to scan this QR code
  • drawing (full-screen) 
    • this tool provides a full screen for you to free draw on
  • drawing (partial screen) 
    • this tool provides a small screen you can free draw on
  • text 
    • open this tool and type a message or notes or anything you'd like to share
  • work symbols 
    • this is awesome - 4 options to clearly indicate to your students how they are to be working at the moment
  • traffic light 
    • select the red, yellow, or green light to match your classroom behaviors or indicators - possibly even a time indication  
  • timer 
    • set a timer for you & your students to countdown; great for projects, great for special event days, great for those times where you need to worry about one "less" thing
  • clock 
    • easy way to display the time for you & your students

These three tools are found in the bottom right corner and pack a pretty powerful punch!
  • ExitPoll 
    • SERIOUSLY! Check this out ... if your board is interactive, pull this up in a second and allow students to provide immediate feedback with a "smiley-scale" & you can instantly see (or hide) the results!
  • hide the "dock" 
    • don't care for the dock showing & would rather it not? Easy! And bring it back the same way.
  • full-screen 
    • want your screen maximized? Use this tool to do so and enjoy! 

I'm sure there are things I've yet to discover. I hope you find this site useful!

Please click HERE for the collection of all 15 resources.

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