Sunday, December 2, 2018

Day 1: Adobe Spark for Education

Adobe Spark for Education [LINK]

Adobe Spark's tools allow teachers and students to create websites, digital stories, and images. There are even templates for those who are new or unsure where to start. On their website (link is above), a handful of student created examples are on display. No guessing needed to see what is possible with these tools.

We just pushed out the full free education suite to our teachers this past week and I am impressed!!! Adobe is providing FREE accounts for both teachers & students to use their powerful creation tools! (They even are COPPA compliant with parent permission!)

Check out the Post I made & downloaded in under 3 minutes:

A few cool things I discovered while checking it out:

-- you can upload images
-- you can search within their platform and freely use the images you find
-- you can start with a template and customize
-- you have some editing capabilities with photos
-- there are a good amount of fonts
-- I found it incredibly easy to use! I was pleasantly surprised ... I think even little ones would find it easy to use

If you are looking to give your students a powerful creation tool, definitely check out Adobe Spark for Education! 

And before you ask - YES! You and your students can share the creations (Google Classroom included!!!) ... (I chose to download both of these as JPEG's so I could use them here.)

There's NO limit to what you and your students can do with these tools ... and remember, they are FREE!

Additional Resources for Adobe Spark:
  • Near the bottom of the homepage, you will find a link to a getting started guide - this is intended for your IT department

Please click HERE for the collection of all 15 resources.

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