Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Better Searching in Google Drive

WEBSITE  Google Drive
AUDIENCE ↬ teachers & students
CONTENT ↬ not content specific ... DEFINITELY will help with organization!

GRADE LEVELS  all grades, especially older student and adults

Google Drive is an extremely important app. Most people don't use it anywhere close to its capabilities. I could sing its praises and talk about unique ways to organize your Drive in a full length blog. (Maybe I should do that?!)

But today, I want to focus on the search capabilities in Drive - and man! Does it come with some pretty POWERFUL searching ability! Consider the following ...

Scenario #1 - A student says they shared a Google Slide with you (rather than "Turning In" in Google Classroom) and you can't find the email notification. Searching Drive can help!

Scenario #2 - You KNOW you created a Doc for the rubric your upcoming project, but you can't find it. Searching Drive can help!

Scenario #3 - A colleague shared a sheet with the contact info for all of your shared students and you'd like to email a parent, but you can't find it. Searching Drive can help!

Scenario #4 ... Enter your own "I can't find ... !" story and guess what? Searching Drive can help!!!