Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Kasey Bell's Dynamic Learning with Google

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I listen to podcasts frequently. One of my favorites is the Google Teacher Tribe, hosted by Matt Miller & Kasey Bell. Each of them have their own individual podcasts - which are also great! I'm going to focus on something Kasey Shared out recently that I believe many teachers can truly benefit from. She shared out the first in a four part series on Dynamic Learning. I love how she stresses it is NOT about Google, but rather the LEARNING. She even states, "This blog post and podcast episode is NOT about Google or G Suite, but how to use these tools to support dynamic LEARNING in the classroom."

I encourage you to check it out! The blog post is great & gives you a link to the FREE download "Dynamic Learning with Google Toolkit" which is a great resource.

Do you prefer listening? You can also listen to this in a podcast format. It is episode 44 (released Jan 7, 2020) on her show "Shake Up Learning". [There is also a link to it on the blog.]

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